Innovative, reliable and quality biologically based products for our clients.

Order online from our special collection of Disease State Plasma and Residual Clinical Samples. This is just a small selection of what we have available.


At AbBaltis we serve the In Vitro Diagnostics and Biotech markets by offering innovative, reliable and quality biologically-based products for our clients.

Our purpose is to supply a wide variety of disease state plasma and residual clinical samples with:

•  Fast Delivery around the Globe
•  Competitive Pricing
•  Outstanding Customer Support


Don't just take our word for it

Supply a large variety of human biological samples specific for many different diseases.

Option to put ordered material on hold and get it shipped later, excellent service at all times.

Service was outstandingly friendly and efficient.

Delivering Solutions to IVD Industry for Better Lives

Fast Global Delivery

Most of our sample requests will ship within 24-72 hours and our goal is to ship all of our samples requests in 24-48 hours.

Our Mission

To supply high-quality products that aid scientific discovery and improve healthcare for patients around the world.

Our Culture

An unwavering focus on delivering exceptional products and services for our customers.